In the past few years, Internet privacy has been one of the popular subjects. Not surprisingly, users want more control over the amount of information gathered, but this is not always easy.

Everyone knows that it is not possible to stop user data from being gathered while online. However, users not only have the ability to restrict data collection, but can also choose which companies can gather which data.

The browser privacy extension is one of the greatest and simplest instruments for controlling data collection. Google Chrome browser is the most famous  one worldwide, so this time we will list top Chrome browser privacy extensions to keep ypur privacy safe.

1. Privacy badge

Privacy Badger stops tracking instruments and spy advertisements, so that no one can monitor your online browsing experience without your permission.

This extension also blocks third-party trackers that are downloaded when Chrome is launched.

2. Ghostery

Ghostery defends your confedentiality online and displays who is monitoring your web surfing.

The extension lets you monitor who you may be sharing your data with. Trackers frequently slow down your viewing speed. By blocking them, Ghostery can make your surfing faster. Another benefit of the instrument is that it eliminates clutter on the page, so you concentrate on the subject matter.


3. Blur

Blur is a good Chrome extension that can truly keep your data private.

Obscure storage, encryption and organization of passwords. This extension keeps you safe from hacker attacks. For instance, if the site where you want to shop is hacked, your private data will not even appear here.

Blur also prohibits businesses from gatheringninformation about your online browsing history. With Blur, when you are not signed in, Facebook and different social networks can not track you.


4. Privacy cleaner

Privacy cleaners prevent websites and apps from accessing your data.

The tool scans, monitors , controls access your information online. You can then approve, delete or report them.
The privacy cleaner lets you accurate permits with a single click.

When an app accesses your data, the tool will also remind you, so you can quickly check or revoke your permits. MyPermissions is the developer of a Privacy cleaner program, which keeps all information in company account without sharing it with external groups.

5. SearchLock

Your online search history is private. SearchLock is an encrypted search engine and confidentiality instrument that lets you to keep your search history secret. In this way, the tool will not be able to provide companies with personal information according to your search results.

SearchLock works by detecting your searches and redirecting them to search engines that enhance your privacy. At the same time, this extension prevents these search engines from recording keystrokes by disabling the search prompt function.


6. ZenMate VPN Extension

ZenMate VPN encrypts your traffic and conceals your IP address so that a third-party group can’t hijack your data and monitor your activities. This instrument enables you to modify your virtual destination and allow you to access sites with limited access to the area.

The ZenMate VPN extension will not involve your viewing speed, as opposed to a lot of VPN services. Furthermore, setting up this Chrome extension is significantly simpler than setting up a traditional VPN software.

7. SurfEasy VPN extension

SurfEasy VPN for Chrome keeps safe your confidentiallity, enhances Wi-Fi hotspot security, avoids advertising tracking, and encrypts all information in and out of your browser. You can utilize this instrument for either confidentiality or security.

Like any VPN-like add-on, SurfEasy also enables you to visit sites banned in your region and circumvent internet firewalls.

8. Fair AdBlocker

As the name implies, Fair AdBlocker stops advertisements, pop-ups, malware, and tracking instruments. This Chrome extension allows you to browse faster and protect your privacy simultaneously.

You can utilize Fair AdBlocker to block auto-play video games, YouTube advertisements, advanced advertisements, advertisements on intermediate pages, Facebook advertisements, online advertisements, search advertisements and much more. You can select to white-list the pages you select to maintain.

Fair AdBlocker does not track you so that other users cannot track it.

9. Browsec VPN Extension

The Browsec VPN extension for Google Chrome encrypts your web traffic so that no one can detect your web surfing. This feature allows to you conceal your true identity from the websites you browse and cancels the access regulations established by your system administrator.

You can as well use this extension to gain access to services that are limited in your region.

10. DuckDuckGo Privacy Basics

The extension stops hidden trackers on the web pages you browse and loads encrypted copies of related websites when available. When you browse a website with bad confidentiality habits, you will be alerted to them.

DuckDuckGo Privacy Essentials provides  you with details about advertising networks tracking you over a period of time. In short, you can see who wants to track you.

After installing the extension, you’ll notice a dashboard icon that indicates the AF Privacy Essentials rating. This rating is generated auto-generated and is the total of all concealed trackers, encryption techniques, and website confidentiality policies.


11. HTTPS everywhere

A lot of websites use the non-encrypted HTTP protocol to display various kinds of data for you. Unless you’re very familiar, the HTTP protocol is an unencrypted protocol, which makes it possible for third parties to capture your information with ease.

This implies that if you log in to a certain website that uses the HTTP protocol, all the data you send can be captured by attackers. This can be a safety problem, and it is advisable to make sure that you should therefore at all times use an HTTPS connection to resolve this problem. This connection is encrypted, and third parties cannot capture and hijack your data.

Lots of websites redirect you to the HTTP version of their website, and the HTTPS Everywhere extension is useful here.

This is the finest security extension for Chrome. Well, the list, from what you can see, contains a few kinds of privacy extensions: a few provide VPN-like functions, but others target particular tracking techniques, for example, search history. Select the extension of your choice that fits your specific requirements in the best possible way.


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