Rotating (rotating) proxies are far greater for complicated web parsing applications. Because most mainstream websites use tamper-proof technology that identifies unusual behavior, particularly sudden spikes in traffic from one IP address, by using proxy servers and actual IP addresses you can prevent blocks and extract the necessary data efficiently. These proxies will make it seem as if multiple actual users from various places are surfing the site at one time, which ensures that you are stealthy and safe in obtaining this data.

But because of the multitude of companies selling proxy servers, it can be hard to choose the proper provider that delivers the best performance. To guide you in your choice, we have examined the 15 best proxies with the possibility to rotate IP addresses ( that is,) the most suitable proxies for parsing.

1. Zenscrape

Remarkably, Zenscrape is so much more than a traditional proxy, as it doesn’t bother you with management and address rotation on its own – it does things automatically, in contrast to the majority of other programs. This makes the program well-suited for big data parsing projects.

Features: Zenscrape automates proxy rotation, so you can concentrate on data retrieval. According to the sites you’re dealing with, Zenscrape runs various kinds of proxies, from servers in data centers to premium proxies to home (resident) IP addresses. Zenscrape now uses default proxies in 3 different destinations, premium resident proxies in over 300 places, and a huge pool of over 30 million IP addresses.

Price:You can begin to use Zenscrape proxies for no charge, but there will be a restriction of 1,000 queries per month. Besides the free plan, you can choose to use any of its fee-based plans, which range from $8.99 per month up to $199.99 per month.


Microleaves is a great network of proxy servers with a big pool of changeable proxies that can be used to circumvent blockages when parsing online content.

Features: Microleaves boasts over 26 million resident IP addresses. It has 3 classes of high-speed proxies: reverse-connect proxies (change IP every 5 minutes), private dedicated HTTP proxies, and shared proxies (where several users can operate simultaneously). All of its proxies have unrestricted throughput. You can run from any of its IP addresses in the United States or any other location around the globe.

Price: Microleaves provides a large selection of price plans according to the kind of proxy you like. For instance, the cost of 10 split HTTP proxies begins at $15, and 10 backconnect proxies are priced from $124.99. But the firm has no free trial.

3. luminati

Luminati provides a large network that lets you harvest web data with no concern about being blocked or getting blacklisted by a bot.

Features: Luminati features over 35 million resident peer-to-peer IP addresses accessible from nearly every place in the globe. Its network is made up of proxies in data centers, fixed resident, rotating resident, and mobile proxies, which ensures freedom of selection. In each choice, you can select to use generic IP addresses, which can be used by multiple users, or exclusive ones, which are dedicated only to you. Each proxy maintains an unrestricted amount of simultaneous connections with a high level of security. You can access its servers via an API, a proxy manager, or a Chrome browser extension.

Price: Luminati provides a free trial account to test its services. Afterwards, you can select any of the paid plans, which vary depending on the volume of data and kind of proxy. For instance, famous resident proxies costs from $10 per GB.

4. NetNut

NetNut is a strong network that enables you to gather information from websites with anonymity and little interruption.

Features: NetNut delivers a database collection of rotating resident IP addresses that are spread worldwide. This enables country-level targeting and also allows you to work with sticky sessions. In specific terms, as opposed to depending on peer-to-peer p2p connections, which other proxy networks do, NetNut uses the capabilities of DiViNetworks to enable both data delivery and network administration. This helps deliver an effective and high-quality service to customers. DiViNetworks is a technique in which hundreds of Internet service providers offer steady and productive resident IP addresses.

Price: NetNut provides a complimentary seven-day trial to check out occasional proxy servers. Afterwards, you can choose to sign up for either of the monthly payment plans, which ask between $3.50 and $15 per GB, based on the amount of volume used.

5. Storm Proxies

Storm Proxies delivers its native robust technologies to rotate resident IP addresses and gather online data at no danger of being banned.

Features: With Storm Proxies, you can gain access to a pool of over 70,000 address-changing reverse-connect proxies, resident proxies, and private dedicated proxies. Its shared “rotating” proxies change IP addresses every 3 or 15 minutes, which ensures no blocking on Web sites. You can select U.S., EU, U.S. + EU or international proxies. Private dedicated proxies are appropriate for specific actions that demand high-speed, fixed IP addresses. All proxies provide unrestricted throughput.

Price: The price of Storm Proxies services vary according to the selected proxy option. For instance, the starter plan for resident proxies with rotation charges $50 per month and gives you access to 5 ports. The firm lets you test out the services for 2 days and require a return if you stop working.

6. GeoSurf

GeoSurf is one more famous service which lets you extract all kinds of content with no pause or slowdowns.

Features: GeoSurf has a pool of over 2.5 million IP addresses in more than 2,000 places worldwide, providing ample geographic reach. The firm provides resident IP addresses in a peer-to-peer trusted network, datacenter IP addresses in private networks in more than 120 places, and mobile VPNs that assure you can browse in anonymity on the go. GeoSurf lets you rotate resident IP addresses as you extract information. It also provides permanent addresses to operate out of the exact same geo-location. In fact, GeoSurf gives you specific proxies for getting access to selected sites like Instagram and Craigslist, as well as specific IP addresses for specific destinations, like Iran or China.

Price: GeoSurf takes between $8 and $12 per GB, according to the plan you pick; plans range from $450 a month and reach up to $2,000 a month. No complimentary trial plan is available.

7. Oxylabs

Oxylabs provides great high-speed proxies intended for fast, real-time parsing of online resources.

Features: Oxylabs has various kinds of proxies for various use options, taking into account data center servers, proxy servers with address rotation, static resident proxies, and premium Socks5 proxies. The firm operates more than 2 million dedicated proxies in data centers in more than a hundred locations around the world. Oxylabs also has a large pool of more than 32 million resident proxies that allow for city-level targeting and dependable performance in parsing. Furthermore, the proxies have limitless throughput, unrestricted simultaneous sessions, and unrestricted targeting features.

Price: Oxylabs employs a flexible payment-per-use pricing model that varies according to the destination IP address location, target sites, and other settings. For instance, data center proxies cost from $1.20 per IP and resident proxies from $5 per GB.

8. Intoli

Intoli Smart Proxies provides a configurable network of resident proxies that enables the highest possible parsing performance.

Features: Intoli employs resident proxies that enable parsing of massive volumes of content, smart request routing that works across difficult-to-identify IP addresses, and automated reattempts. The firm has a big number of United States. and IP addresses from around the globe. Plus, this proxy provider provides you to install headless browsers to assist in avoiding detection. You canoperate scraping sessions from your location or operate the company’s robust infrastructure to keep sessions saved.

Price: Intoli has three paid monthly plans: the Startup plan ($200 per GB), Business ($150 per GB) and Enterprise ($100 per GB). The firm does not have a free test plan available.


Smartproxy delivers the highest quality rotating proxies to assist you in circumventing site-based limitations and enhance the functionality of your parsers.

Features: With Smartproxy, you can gain access to a pool of over 10 million changing IP addresses in up to 195 destinations and 8 metropolitan areas worldwide. It offers exclusive proxies for PCs and mobile phones that have no shared subnets, reverse proxies that modify IP addresses each time you make a request, or enable unrestricted permanent IP addresses, and proxies in data centers in the United States and the Europe Union that accelerate data extraction. Smartproxy also enables several simultaneous queries with no limitations.

Price: Smartproxy requests payment according to bandwidth. For instance, its resident servers for starters charge $75 per month and provide 5GB of bandwidth. If a enterprise plan with resident proxies is involved, the fee is only $3 per Gigabyte. All programs have a three-day free trial period with a money-back guarantee.

10. Crawlera

Crawlera is a convenient occasional proxy service that offers reliable functions to take your parsing business to the next level. It is an extension of ScrapingHub, which features a large set of great tools for data retrieval.

Features: Crawlera has smart, built-in algorithms for IP address rotation and user agencies that allow you to avoid time-consuming proxy administration and data retrieval. The platform hosts a database with over 130 kinds of bans, captchas, and site response codes to help you avoid blocking. With Crawlera, you can model real user conduct, perform automatic IP address rotation and retries, and realize competitive sessions. Additionally, the proxy rotator offers support for deployment of headless browsers and unrestricted bandwidth.

Price: Crawlera has a 7-day free trial for its proxies. Thereafter, you can select any of its month-to-month plans, which vary from $25 to $1,000 per month. The price is based on the amount of requests, competitive sessions, and other considerations.

11. Blazing SEO

Blazing SEO is one more provider of great address-changing proxies that justifies its brand name (Blazing is fast) by providing fast servers for various sorts of activities.

Features: Blazing SEO offers excellent proxies with unrestricted streams and bandwidth, support for HTTPS/HTTP and SOCKs, and real 1Gbps network connections. The firm also features a different kind of servers, such as Windows VPS and private servers, which, in conjunction with proxies, deliver unparalleled speed. Blazing SEO supports proxies in nine countries, including the United States, the United Kingdom and Japan. It offers original IPv6 addresses, which had not previously been used, and multiple subnets. Nevertheless, the firm has no resident IPs, only proxies in data centers.

Price: Blazing SEO provides three monthly plans: a semi-dedicated proxy that is shared between three users starts at $2.50, a dedicated proxy that is used by only one individual begins at $6.00, and a rotating proxy that changes IP addresses often costs from $11.00. There is a free 2-day trial for either plan.

12. IP Ninja

IP Ninja gives you real IP addresses to gather data online with no blockages or productivity problems.

Features: IP Ninja offers trusted proxies with resident IP addresses that can be used for a range of things. The firm owns millions of exclusive IP addresses worldwide, keeping the probability of blockages to a minimum and ensuring you get fast and precise parsing.

Price: IP Ninja uses a pricing model according to the traffic it carries. For instance, the lowest-priced plan charges $345 and gives you 25 GB. For $3,000, you can already have 500 GB. No free trial plan to test services.

13. HomeIP

HomeIP is yet another proxy provider that allows you to extract data without facing blockades or protection systems.

Features: HomeIP gives you access to over 13 million changing IP addresses in 157 countries and 2,500 cities worldwide – you can use the service to circumvent location-based limitations. Additionally, HomeIP allows you to switch proxies every 1/10/30 minutes or use a constant IP address for a long-term parsing session. You can use the service to launch an unrestricted amount of concurrent sessions.

Price: HomeIP services with alternating IP addresses are charged according to the traffic. The lowest tier charges $200 a month and it provides 10 GB. There is also a Pro Rate available starting at $300 a month. If you require more, you can request a personalized rate. The company provides a seven-day trial and a three-day refund assurance.

14. DSLRoot

DSLRoot provides a robust hidden IP solution to hide your IP address and circumvent blockages for parsing activities.

Features: DSLRoot provides you access to real, resident IP addresses that will help you escape detection while parsing web sites. Its IP addresses are located in over 70 localities in 20 U.S. cities. The IP addresses are derived from 4G/LTE providers, DSL and cable ISPs. The company also provides a solid API for incorporating its services into applications.

Price: DSLRoot has a one-hour free trial with access to two locations in the U.S. Premium plans range in price from $50 to $1,750, according to the duration of use, from 7 days to 12 months. They also let you access an indefinite amount of locations.

15. FusionProxy

FusionProxy offers easy, fast and effective assistance for those retrieving content from websites.

Features: FusionProxy holds proxy servers with IPs from various 3G/LTE/Wi-Fi operators. The firm has more than 55,000 IP addresses in various locations worldwide. With a changing proxy service with a reverse connection, you can switch IP addresses every 5 minutes and circumvent protection techniques. In a single proxy rotator slot, you can access more than 300 IP addresses every day. Additionally, FusionProxy enables you to start an unlimited amount of concurrent sessions, access websites with passwords and enable JavaScript rendering features. It also offers specific proxies for some well-known Web sites such as Google, Facebook and Twitter.

Price: FusionProxy also rates its services depending on traffic. Plans vary from $19 a month for 10GB to $199 a month for 249GB. If you have particular requirements, you can also ask for a personalized rate. There is also a 24-hour free trial to test the services.


This is actually our long list of the top 15 providers of rotating proxy servers. Taking into account that selecting a proxy is typically a trade-off between functionality available, cost, and trustworthiness, you can certainly choose the right provider in this list and get your parsing work to the next level.


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