What is the difference between a free proxy server and a paid one? You can only find it out by comparing both options.

Advantages of paid proxies

The advantages of paid proxies are that:

  • you have a choice of characteristics (region, access speed, response time, etc.);
  • They are stable because you can demand that the quality of their services corresponds to the price you have to pay for;
  • you do not need to worry if your servers will “die” tomorrow for the abovementioned reasons.

Disadvantages of paid proxies

The disadvantages of paid proxies are:

  • you have to pay money for providing proxy services as well as for the traffic you download;
  • Your level of anonymity is maintained during your work on the Internet (it depends on the proxy’s anonymity type), but in case the corresponding services are checked, the whole communication chain can be tracked, because the paid proxies log all user’s actions
  • In the case of a long chain (4-5 servers) your wallet may feel a significant relief when using paid proxies ;
  • It is difficult to switch between proxies, unless you have paid for access to several proxy servers.

Failures are also possible in paid proxies, which is unpleasant, because you have paid the money.

Advantages of free proxies

Now we will discuss the benefits of free proxies:

  • the price… there is no price, i.e. you do not have to give money to anyone;
  • you can easily switch between proxies;
  • sometimes there are free proxies, which are not inferior to paid ones in their features and characteristics;
  • you can really hide your actions in the Internet;
  • if you connect a proxy chain, again, you don’t have to pay any money, but your access speed will most likely drop considerably.

Disadvantages of free proxies

And now the disadvantages:

  • since the service is not paid, you can only complain to yourself in case of failure;
  • There are very few long-livers among free proxies, because free proxies eventually turn into paid proxies, or disappear altogether;
  • Not all proxies can provide IP spoofing, because most of them are designed to increase speed (caching);
  • they may pose a threat in some cases, i.e. hack your PC or infect it with viruses;
  • it is not easy to find the lists of free proxies with servers
  • It is not easy to find free proxy lists with “long-lived” proxies because these proxy lists become obsolete too quickly.

As you can see, the disadvantages of free proxies completely outweigh the advantages, i.e. it is better to use the services of a paid proxy service

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