What is web proxy?

A web proxy is a method of concealing your IP address from the sites you browse. Web/online proxies are similar to search engines, easily accessible. By using an online proxy, the website you are browsing is unable to detect your actual position because the proxy pretends that you are surfing the page from a different place.

A web proxy functions as a guard between you and the site you are accessing. When viewing a web page through a proxy, the site will recognize that a particular IP address is contacting the server, but the entire network connection between your PC and the web server is not your address as the traffic passes through the first proxy’s server.

Therefore, the web proxy is considered as piece of the proxy server. Generally, these agents are provided by providers who offer free agents, and you should not lightly trust these agents. If you don’t spend money on the service, you can pay in other ways, for example with your personal information.

A web proxy (HTTP proxy) is simpler to operate than a proxy that needs to be configured with a manual IP address and port number. However, these proxies are compatible with all kinds of gadgets and apps, whereas online proxies are helpful only on the Internet (when you surf) in a web browser. If they have the space to host the URL used to view a web page through a proxy server, it may be able to tell if the proxy server is a web proxy.

An online proxy can actually do a lot for you – briefly, it can conceal your actual IP address. But if you operate an online account associated with a true ID, even if it is indeed ciphered and unknown, the proxy will not be able to mask your ID.

What is a proxy server?

A proxy server functions as a doorway between you and the Web. It is an in-between server that separates end-users from the sites they browse. Proxy servers deliver various layers of functionality, safety and confidentiality, according to your occasion of use, requirements or corporate politics.

If you employ a proxy server, Internet traffic will flow through the proxy server on the path to the address you are querying. The query then returns through the exact proxy server (with the exception of this rule).

A proxy server is essentially a PC on the Internet with a specific IP address that your computer recognises. When you submit a web query, the query will first be directed to a proxy server. The proxy server makes the web query for you, then gathers the answer from the web server, then transmits the information to the web page so that you will be able to browse the page in your browser.

When the proxy server redirects your web query, you can modify the information submitted but still get the content you require. The proxy server can modify your IP address, therefore, the web server is unable to locate you precisely. Also, since the data is encrypted, the transferred information is unreadable. Finally, a proxy server is capable of blocking access to certain web pages according to its IP address.

Today, you can quickly discover a trustworthy proxy server provider that satisfies your requirements. I strongly suggest that you use paid services because they offer you lots of functions, dependable services, and deliver high quality services for 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Top 3 proxy servers


Smartproxy can supply you with residential and datacenter proxies (commonly used for social networking, web scraping, Sneaker bots, etc.), is suitable for over 10 million households, has an IP address and provides an intuitive subdirectory control panel – custom and usage traffic and excellent targeting locations for 195 countries/regions and eight specific cities. They are reasonably priced and easy to use for any type of business, freelancer or independent user, but they also provide 24/7 customer support. For more information on this proxy provider, we suggest that you visit their website.


GeoSurf supplies you with a pool of proxy servers for 2.5 million IP addresses in all countries and +1,700 cities worldwide. GeoSurf offers residential proxies that can be applied for Instagram verification and advertising. It also provides less common mobile and desktop VPNs in the proxy market. You can select proxies from various countries/regions depending on the availability of different ports. They choose agents from American residential IP, British residential IP, German residential IP, Brazilian residential IP, Japanese residential IP, Indian residential IP and French residential IP. This provider has the widest choice of agent locations on the market.


Oxylabs provides business analytics data, advanced agency and corporate support at the enterprise level. Their team brings years of first-hand knowledge of the web data collection and extraction industry, so they know which method is most effective. Oxylabs says they have live agents from all countries and cities worldwide. You can look for an interactive map on their website to view how many IPs are available in each country. Oxylabs provides residential agents and customer data centres. Besides proxy services, Oxylabs also provides customers with additional real-time scanning products for a better web scanning experience.


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