When working with proxies a user can face a problem that at first sight should not occur at all. The thing is that DNS (Domain Name Service – a domain name service that converts a site name (for example, www.xxxxx.ru) into an IP address of the form xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx) can assign several domain names to one resource.

This is what we call “delicate specifics of working with proxies”. Web-server name has several IPs, but only one of them belongs to proxy, i.e. it’s the matter of chance if you connect to the proxy server or not. Another delicate moment when working with proxies is that if you use some programs, you will get a request with a proxy name and a list of different IPs with different servers.

To avoid this, I advise you to use the following method:

1) Filtering all proxies in a given domain (e.g. .uk);

2) To transform server names into IP addresses (here you should use a special software, because some servers can have several IP-addresses);

3) Check list with proxy checker to exclude “dead” servers from the list. Usually different programs are used for these purposes, but thanks to Proxy Helper and the capabilities of the 5socks.net service you can do all these operations quickly and easily, for literally a few minutes.

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