YouTube is the most popular video service in the world. Its monthly audience is about 2 billion users. Among the huge number of videos, there are some that are blocked in your country. And they just might be the most interesting and useful for you. But there is a way out – this is a special bypass blocking youtube. How to do it, we will tell in the article.

Varieties of blocking

Here are the most common reasons why YouTube itself or some videos can be blocked:

  • The state has decided that no one in the country will watch YouTube.
  • Some videos are only available in certain regions. For example, Channel One programs may not be available in Europe.
  • Blocking clips by age. For example, children can’t watch videos categorized as 16+, 18+, etc.
  • YouTube Premium service can also be blocked, making it impossible to watch ad-free videos.
  • Removal of clips and entire channels by the service itself.

How can YouTube be unblocked?

The state can completely block access to YouTube. For example, that’s what China did to its residents. In Russia, YouTube has been threatened with blocking by Roskomnadzor several times. And it is quite possible that it will still be blocked, even without prior warning. So you need to be prepared for any situation, and the best thing to do in this case is to connect a VPN in advance.

Bypassing the blocking of the entire YouTube service

Let’s examine in more detail how to bypass blockages with a VPN, proxy, anonymizers or TOR browser.

The first two options are preferable, because in TOR the work of the services is slowed down – the traffic needs to go through several intermediate stages before reaching the user.

VPNs are often used by the Chinese. A virtual private network is good because it encrypts the traffic completely – so you can’t find out what the user is doing on the network.

If you use a proxy, the traffic is not encrypted, so ISPs can see what you’re watching or reading. Even in this case, you can choose a reliable and trusted proxy, their list is on our website.

Anonymizers are online services that allow users to change their IP address and work anonymously on the network.

All of these services work under both Windows and Linux, as far as laptops and computers (PCs) are concerned. Also, VPN services have mobile applications for Android and iOS.

Age-based blocking

Some YouTube videos are not available for minors. For example, videos with obscene language, erotica, violence etc. are prohibited. YouTube puts a special marker on these videos and only allows access to videos of your age in your profile. That means even if you’re 18 years old but don’t want to show your real birthday on YouTube, you won’t be able to watch all your videos.

To get around this restriction, you can use a simple tip: replace in the link to the video “watch?v=” with “v/”.

It will go like this:

It was

There’s a second way – call for help site NSFWYoutube. The setup is simple, you just add the letters NSFW in front of “”.

It goes like this:

It was

Another option is to download videos from YouTube using a specialized service. However, such resources are short-lived, so you periodically need to find new ones. The disadvantage is that you need a sufficient amount of disk space on your device for downloading, which is not always possible, you also have to wait until the video is downloaded.

YouTube premium service blockages

Different segments of YouTube premium service can be blocked in certain countries. For example, in Russia. This restriction is also easy to bypass with the help of VPN-services. They are very easy to use, the instructions can be found on our website. There we have described in detail what a VPN and how to watch YouTube through vpn. Most VPN services offer a refund within a week to a month, so if a service does not work as it should, the money is not lost.

Blocking for violation of the rules of use

The most complicated case is when the video or channel is blocked by the service itself. There is nothing you can do here – video is not stored in the cache. In some cases, videos are copied and uploaded to YouTube by other users, but this only happens with the most popular videos.


The main thing you’ll need to bypass YouTube blocking is to make a list of VPNs or proxies with positive reviews from users. Do not test any random services, it’s better to stay with the tried-and-true options. And watch videos without restrictions.

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